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Interpersonal Communication
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Communicating "one on one" with other human beings is generally referred to as interpersonal communication.  

Skillfull interpersonal communication  involves 

  • basic conversational language skills including listening and speaking abilities.
  • a basic understanding of how personalities and cultures effect communication,  
  • an understanding of your own personality, culture, and preferences, and 
  • knowledge of conflict prevention techniques.

Some additional skills are needed when communication takes place within a group or work team

More advanced strategic use of interpersonal skills can be very effective tools for career advancement and organizational development

Interpersonal skills that are particularly important in a professional business environment include leadership skills and skills to build good customer relationships.

page updated August 17, 2009

  Communication Diversity
Successful interpersonal communication is directly linked to predicting how the other person will understand and react to you.

Learn as much as you can about diverse ways of thinking and communicating:
  Basics Principles
Interpersonal Communication

Emotional Intelligence
Building Positive Relationships
Thank you in Two Parts

Managing Relationships

Avoiding Misunderstanding and Conflict
  Additional Resources

On-campus leadership opportunities


A 2011 survey of corporate recruiters found that 93.7% of employers favor a student with 3.1 GPA and significant leadership experience versus a student with a 3.4 GPA with no leadership experience (Jencks, 2011)


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