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Job Search Communication
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  Demonstrating Communication Skill
The search for a career position can be just as time consuming as having a full-time job. The process includes several key steps, and each of them involves important communation tasks.

At every stage of the process, employers will be judging a candidate's ability to communicate on the job--a skill that most employers rank as the number one factor in career success.

This page provides instructions on how to accomplish all the key tasks in the job search. Take special care to do each step in a professional way; this might be the only chance you'll have to demonstrate your communication skill!

  Researching the Job
Candidates must first find appealing job openings. Several methods can be used to uncover these opportunities, from networking with the company's representatives to attending job fairs. Candidates must speak well when networking and interviewing.
Job Search Methods
Getting the Interview
Candidates must write well when preparing cover letters and resumes. 
Cover Letters
Successful Interviews
Interviews and Techniques
  UNI Job Search Resources
Advising and Career Services
Career Link
UNI On-Campus Interviewing