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Business Documents
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  Creating Business Documents
Every business uses written documents to accomplish work.  The first rule of success is to follow the organization's rules.  Ask  for a sample of the email signature, preferred letter format, or report template before you make a fool of yourself!

Of course, this means you must
  • include the expected content in the document and 
  • follow the format or template accurately. You'll also be expected to 
  • use "standard" English, which means correct grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation.
Resources on this page provide the typical content, format, and language expectations for the most common business documents:
Learn to Use a Business Style
Creating Businesslike Messages.

Events, Documents and Technologies
  UNI Writing Resources

If you need to work on writing skills, several resources are available on campus:  

UNI's Own Dr. Grammar  

UNI Writing Center  

Professional Writing Program

CBA Writing Lab
MWF 11-12, CBB 224
Reference books are available in the Management Study Area

ITS Workshops
Collaborative writing and reports require "proficient" skills with MS Word.  If you can't insert page numbers, add comments or perform a mail merge, sign up for a class! 

Collaborative Writing and Editing
Most business writing is done as part of a team, so your ability to use collaborative writing tools and to effectively edit others' work are important skills.
Writing Error Codes

  Online Resources 
APA Format for On-Line Sources
APA Style Book
(Download for $25.95)
WriteAide Feedback Service
Low cost proofreading service
On-Line Writing Guides
Reviews from Capital Comm College
Business Letters of all Kinds
Templates for common tasks
Online Writing Lab
Purdue University
Bus Comm Resources
Lesikar & Flatley text supplements
U.S. Government Plain Language Guide
Accounting and finance majors should be aware of  SEC writing guidelines.

How do you compare?
Before you list "excellent writing skills" on your resume, make sure you actually have them!

MS Word Proficiency Levels
Don't put it on your resume if you can't do this much!

Grammar Self Test
You should score at least 90% on this test on the first try (careful proofreading should earn a perfect score).  

CBA Writing Expectations
If you've been accepted into the CBA, we expect you to be able to do these things consistently.