Discussing the “Next Generation” of the CET



  1. How does the CET fit into the overall scheme of faculty development at UNI? 
    1. What is the primary purpose of the CET and what should its priorities be?
    2. Should CET serve as a referral and resource center? The initiator of programs and activities? A think tank?  A training center? A counseling center?
    3. What does it take to support teaching at UNI?  How does the enhancement of teaching fit in with other forms of faculty development and faculty support?


  1. How can the CET best serve the full range of faculty teaching needs, which are variable across disciplines, career stages, organizational position, and degree of interest.  For example,
    1. To what extent should activates be centralized or decentralized or some of each? 
    2. How does the center serve faculty at beginning, mid-career and late stages of an academic career?
    3. How can the CET help mentors, department heads, deans and staff in their efforts to support teaching excellence?
    4. How much involvement does UNI faculty want in the selection, design and implementation of programs?  Is faculty interested in playing a role as activity leaders? Expert resources? Fellows?
    5. How can we best serve all those who teach, including graduate students, adjuncts and term instructors and tenure track faculty?


  1. What should this function be named, and where should it be administratively housed and funded?  The broad outlines of the CET affect such issues as
    1. The CET’s relationship with professional assessment, PAC’s, departments and colleges?
    2. The CET’s relationship to ITS and the Center for Educational Technology
    3. What is the best way to provide a "safe" space for individual faculty who might need support beyond what is available in their department/college?
    4. The best way to foster interdisciplinary contact and collaboration


  1. How should the center be staffed?  There is a wide range of ways to staff a faculty development function.  Do we want to search for
    1. A Center Director? And should a director hold a faculty position? If so, what is the appropriate departmental home?  Should the director be expected to teach on a regular basis?  How much of a teaching load?
    2. A staff of rotating or shared faculty release positions?
    3. A technical staff that can administer a knowledge management system, such as a “Yellow Pages” model or on-line discussion network?  Do we want to expand the current website into an interactive resource?


  1. What other issues, concerns or suggestions does the UNI faculty have?


Forward your comments to the Advisory Committee of the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching by email to Dale Cyphert, chair.