Freshmen and Sophomores Welcome!

Tomorrow Principle Finance presents a workshop on cross-functional professionalism in a corporate environment.  Take advantage of this opportunity to think about the importance of doing well in the UNIBusiness core courses.  When earning a business major, many students develop a strong set of skills in their own disciplines, but many think of those core pre-requisites as obnoxious, boring courses to get out of the way before learning the important stuff.  

Employers don't see it that way!  Once you're on the job, you can't get anything done without the rest of the team, and the more you understand about how your team members think, the better you'll be able to function.

One of the reasons UNIBusiness grads have the reputation for a solid grasp of essential business knowledge is that every major includes the foundations of marketing, management, accounting, finance and economics.  Putting that knowledge together in a professional way takes another step: paying attention to the functional relationships within the corporate environment.

Josh Ingalls, Campus Relations Manager for Principal Finance, has invited those who talked to him at the Career Fair to join this session, which will be held from 5-6pm on Tuesday, March 1, in CBB 1 & 3.  A panel discussion of professionals in marketing, accounting, finance, information systems, and human resources will be followed by breakout sessions for the majors from 6-7pm.  That invitation is now being extended to all UNIBusiness freshman and sophomores as well.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to find out how the "other side" thinks! 

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