Fall Registration is Here!

As you register for your fall classes, don’t forget to put your own professional development on your calendar!

Since we're all thinking about registration, this seems like a good time to answer the questions about the transition from the Professional Skills Initiative to the Professional Readiness Program, as well as questions about PRP Levels, registration, and certificates for graduating seniors!

1.       What is the difference between PSI and PRP? With a generous donation from alumnus Kevin Steere, UNIBusiness did a pilot program, which was called the Professional Skills Initiative.  When the College decided to turn the initiative into a permanent program, the name was changed.

2.       Why is there no course credit for PRP? Because these meetings are not a course and not a part of your academic major.  Professionalism is crucial for your career success, but it is separate from learning the essential business knowledge covered by your academic courses.  In the same way, traditional work values are crucial to success, but they are not taught in any class.

3.       Do I have to register for PRP?  All business majors who entered the college THIS YEAR are required to complete two Levels of professional development prior to graduation.  This is part of the promise we’ve made to everyone who earns a degree from UNIBusiness. We’ve designed the curriculum to make sure you get the essential business knowledge needed for a business career. The faculty sets high standards and sticks to them, insuring that you’ll maintain the strong work ethic that makes our graduates highly valued.  Now, we can also guarantee that you’ll be introduced to the professional expectations of the contemporary business world.  

4.       Which Level should I register for?  If you have finished Level I (Bus 1000), you may enroll immediately in Level II (Bus 2000).  This will give you a head start, allowing you to finish all four Levels of PRP and still leave time for an internship or semester abroad.  If you transferred to UNI this year, you should have taken Level II in your first semester here.  (If you didn’t, register now!).  Once you have completed Level II, you can register for Level III (Bus 3000).   You should register for Levels III or IV (Bus 4000) until you’ve completed the requirements.  If you will finish Level III by the end of this semester, go ahead and register for Level IV in the Fall.

5.       Where do I go for Bus 3000 or Bus 4000?  The schedule shows no regular meetings for these advanced PRP Levels, and students are expected to attend meetings, events, and workshops that fit into their own schedules.  You’ll find Bus 3000 or 4000 listed in your own eLearning account with all the instructions and a link to the PRP event calendar.

6.       How many events do I have to attend to get credit in a Level?  Levels I and II require sixteen meetings during a single semester, including weekly meetings as well as attendance at the career fair.  Levels III and IV require twenty events, with a minimum of three in each of the six professional skill areas, but a student can take as many semesters as he or she needs.

7.       How do I get a Certificate of Completion?  Everyone who completes Level IV receives a certificate from UNIBusiness.  Those who’ve already completed the Level by the time of the Graduation Celebration on April 14 will be invited to a special event that day.

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