More free newspapers

One of our majors, Chris Miller, points out that the UNI student government has started a program to give UNI students  a chance to read the New York Times. Copies of the paper are available in the Union every day for the next 8 weeks on a first-come, first-serve basis.

As Chris says, the NY Times is "no WSJ" in terms of business news coverage, but it does have interesting content that many students will enjoy. 

Business professionals often read two or three papers each day to stay on top of things.  Take advantage of both free newspapers and jumpstart your semester!

Free Wall Street Journal!

If your new year's resolutions involve staying on top of the business news, take advantage of a free copy of the Wall Street Journal for the first two weeks of the semester.  Stop by the Professional Readiness Center to get your copy. 

From 8 to 10am each morning, staff will be available in the conference room (CBB 7) to chat about the news.  If you've felt like you don't quite know where to start, this is a good opportunity to learn some tips for staying ahead of the curve on economic developments, industry trends, and your own personal career management.

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