Economics Department Scholarships

  • The Department of Economics currently offers 9 scholarships, ranging in value from $250-$2,000, for Economics majors. Fred talks about scholarships.

  • The on-line application form for these scholarships is available by clicking HERE. Please note that the department requires a hard copy application be completed in addition to the online form. This hard copy form may be picked up in the department office (CBB 219) after January 10 or can be downloaded HERE. They are also handed out in upper-division Economics classes.

  • Applications are due in the department office on or before February 15.

  • Full-time Economics majors who will be seniors in the summer, fall or following spring semester are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

  • Selections are made by members of the Economics Department, basing their selections on the completed application, students' performance in the classroom, attitude and need with unspecified weights assigned to each.


Giving Back 2014 Fred Abraham
Mahmood Yousefi Economics Scholarship
Introduction Audrey Grove
Economics Alumni Scholarship
Introduction Chad Franson
Economics Emeritus Faculty Scholarship
Introduction Jonathan Heinzman
Charles Leavitt Scholarship
Introduction Amber Irlmeier
F. Russell Glaesner Scholarship
Introduction Jefferson Fosbender
Maurice A. Van Nostrand Scholarship Introduction Max Martino
Economics Endowment Scholarship Introduction Alexandra Rickels
Thomas R. Amlie Economics Scholarship
Introduction Tom Cullen
Robert James Waller Economics Scholar Introduction Trent Baker/Parash Upreti


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