vIowa Gazette

Virtual Iowa (vIowa) was created as an educational and outreach effort of the University of Northern Iowa’s College of Business Administration.  The goals of the project are to foster knowledge about immersive technologies, provide education to Iowa students and businesses in their use, and create opportunities for Iowa communities, businesses, and entrepreneurs to explore their potential. 

vIowa provide research sites and data regarding vBusiness strategy and operations, user interface design and training, and virtual communication, decision making, and education.

            Courses, internships, and instructional facilities provide opportunities for UNI students, faculty, and business partners to develop skills in virtual design and programming, vBusiness operations and marketing, and virtual organizational management.

Meeting, training, and display facilities are available at vIowa for Iowa businesses and residents to explore the use of virtual technologies for marketing, decision-support, and organizational or community development.

Those with an interest in research, commercial, or residential space should contact Inna Greenwood.

The vIowa Gazette was published by UNIBusiness, the College of Business Administration at the University of Northern Iowa, Vicki Pfalz, Editor. Issues are archived here in their entirety.

Originally published as a newspaper for the vIowa business and residential community, the Gazette reported on news of the day and issues of political, commercial, or social importance.

Later, as vIowa turned toward more long-range research projects, the Gazette published 4 issues per year, highlighting some of these projects.

 vIowa Vision
vIowa Fact Sheet

contact: Dale Cyphert, Assoc. Professor of Management