Name Research Interests
Mark P. Bauman

Usefulness of accounting data to investors, creditors, and financial analysts.

Cathalene Bowler

Deferred Tax Assets, Taxation, Earnings Management and Accounting Education

Mary Christ

Issues associated with financial reporting; pedagogy in accounting; auditing

Linda DeBarthe

Personal finance, social entrepreneurship

Amy Igou

Accounting standards effect on IT operations; Software Development Methodologies; IT use in Nonprofit organizations; Using Data Analytics in the Classroom; Big Data applications

Wee Meng Eric Lee

Sustainability accounting; business ethics; textual analysis; technology adoption; forensic accounting; investment psychology; business and accounting pedagogies.

Tim Lindquist

Behavioral Accounting- including influence of culture, ethics and generation on judgment & decision-making; management controls including impact of procedural and distributive justice/injustice in the workplace.

Heminigild Mpundu Capital Markets: Financial Reporting
Lee Nicholas

 Ethics in Financial Organizations

Joel Pike

Audit quality issues

Dennis Schmidt

Computer Self-Efficacy; Accounting Education

Huishan Wan

Capital market research, earnings management, tax avoidance

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