Business Administration

The adaptable Business Administration program makes it perfect as a second major.

Business Administration as a Major


Business Teaching

The Business Teaching major holds a 100% career placement rate!

Business Teaching as a Major


Human Resource Management

Our program meeting Society for Human Resource Management standards also includes an award-winning student chapter of the national organization.

Human Resource Management as a Major


Management Information Systems

Build websites or perform data analysis for real organizations with real needs as part of your education.

Management Information Systems as a Major


Organizational Leadership

The managerial soft skills learned in this program can be applied to various areas of your everyday life and available in either a major or a minor.

Organizational Leadership as a Major


Supply Chain Management

Every year supply chain students have the opportunity to travel abroad and earn Six Sigma certification while doing it!

Supply Chain Management as a Major

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Will capitalism sustain us?

As I write this, I am attending a class, Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems, in Vienna.

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Upcoming event: What if business stopped pandering to China?

Monday, December 9, 2019
7:00 PM
Curris Business Building #109 John Deere Auditorium

China has become increasingly assertive in forcing companies wishing to do business in China to conform to Chinese governmental demands. What if U.S. companies stopped pandering to China?

1 month 2 weeks ago