Gabriel Dickey

Foster Fellow of Accounting

Assistant Professor

Gabriel Dickey

CBB 358

(319) 273-3021

Gabriel Dickey

Foster Fellow of Accounting

Assistant Professor


Doctor in Business Administration, University of Dallas: 2019
B.A. in Accounting, University of Northern Iowa: 1998

Teaching Interests

Auditing and Financial Accounting

Research Interests

Audit Quality, Audit Teams, Agility, Metacognition, Emerging Technologies

Professional Accomplishments

Gabe Dickey spent nearly 17 years in public accounting, 13 at Deloitte where he was a member of the firm’s Leadership of the Profession initiative. He has significant experience with the financial reporting requirements and auditing standards for public and private companies.

Prior to coming to UNI, Dickey spent five years as an executive professor at the University of Northern Colorado, where he also served as vice chair of the Accounting Program’s Advisory Council. He was a recipient of the Monfort College of Business Professor of the Year Award and also received the NASBA Student Center for the Public Trust Campus Being a Difference Award.

Dickey structures his classroom professionally and encourages participation. He values trust, communication, resilience and curiosity. He places a greater emphasis on learning and improving from mistakes than he does on perfection.

Hobbies & Interests: 

Dickey enjoys spending time with family, involvement in little league baseball and softball, backpacking and biking.