Chris Lukasiewicz

Instructor of Economics

UNI Business Scholarship Coordinator


M.S. (Operations Analysis) Naval Postgraduate School; B.S. (Industrial Technology) Colorado State University.

Teaching Interests

Decision Theory, Statistical and Data Analysis, Probability Theory, Linear Programming and Network Flows, Quality Control, Problem Solving.

Research Interests

Data Analysis, Consulting, Problem Solving Techniques.


Program Coordinator for UNI Business Scholarships
Faculty Fellow for Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity

Professional Accomplishments

Chris Lukasiewicz is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Army Corps of Engineers. Prior to joining the UNI faculty, Chris served 24-plus years of Active Duty. He is the President as of July, 2016 of Northeast Iowa Chapter of Military Officers Association of America and a member of the local VFW and AMVETS chapters. While in the military, Chris managed cost models, surveys, and math and statistical models for decision-making processes, and used statistical software to analyze data and make recommendations.

Chris was the former department head for the UNI Military Science Department from 2001 to 2005. He was also the associate chair for the Mechanical Engineering Department at the United States Naval Academy from 2004 to 2005.

Latest News & Views

George Graham Rice

George Graham Rice? Never heard of him. Who is he? A century ago, though, he was a famous flamboyant scammer, a pied-piper of stock manipulation.

While incarcerated for the third or fourth time, he wrote a series of periodical articles that eventually coalesced into a book. As with other scammers, Rice was brazen, even boastful about his felonious escapades. He wryly entitled his book My Adventures with Your Money.

1 month 2 weeks ago
Closed Sign
Good-bye, mom and pop restaurants and shops

Most of my readers are familiar with small towns in Iowa that have longstanding family-owned businesses, such as family eateries. Grandparents, parents, and children may own and work in these restaurants. They often have loyal employees that are “part of the family.” These owners may be unable to afford to pay their workers much more than $10 per hour, to say nothing of the proposed $15 per hour minimum wage.

2 months 3 weeks ago
Dictionary Billionaire
All hail the billionaire

After months of dreary experimentation in her basement, Dr. von Frankenstein, PhD, has concocted an effective antidote and vaccine for a deadly virus sweeping the United States. She files and receives a patent for her discovery.

3 months 2 days ago
Piggy Bank
New ways to milk customers

There’s a new way marketers are getting young people to fork over their money. The new tactic revolves around consumers making four payments of one-quarter the retail price of an item (Amanda Mull, “Jeans Now, Pay Later,” Atlantic, January/February 2021, 18-20). This is just the old come-on--“Buy now, pay later”—in a new guise.

3 months 2 days ago
Money in Wallet
What does it mean to live the good life?

By anyone’s estimation, the recently deceased Vernon Jordan was a “mover and shaker.” A commentary on his life referred to him as, “a civil-rights leader, Washington insider, Wise Man, power broker, deal maker, rainmaker, Wall Street banker and, as an interviewer put it a few years ago in the Financial Times, ‘the most connected man in America (Peggy Noonan, “America Loses a Wise Man,” Wall Street Journal, March 6-7, 2021, A13).’” Whew!

3 months 1 week ago
Sharnae Lamar
Sharnae Lamar brings her talents overseas

Understanding personal finance is a luxury where Sharnae Lamar (Finance and Economics, ’16) grew up. On the east side of Des Moines, Lamar says there aren’t many people who know how to manage money, invest, grow income — so when she had the opportunity to go to college, business was of interest.

3 months 3 weeks ago