Katie Hillyer

Professional Readiness Program Director

Community Relations Manager


B.A. (Marketing) University of Northern Iowa


As Director of the Professional Readiness Program, Katie Hillyer manages the strategic direction of the program and is involved in the execution of the program at all levels. As Community Relations Manager, Hillyer also works with the dean to devise and execute new strategies for enhancing relationships with the corporate community and creating opportunities for students to interact with corporate partners. Hillyer is responsible for coordinating visits of corporate guests and alumni, and acts as the ambassador for the e college with various corporate and community audiences. In addition, she manages the college's Scholarship for Social Engagement and works to engage students in community projects and social causes.

Hillyer works closely with business students at all levels and advises the UNIBusiness Presidents' Council.

Professional Accomplishments

Prior to joining UNIBusiness, Hillyer worked as a public relations/social media specialist for Hellman advertising agency in Waterloo. She was active as a UNI student, serving as the president of the American Marketing Association and co-president of the UNIBusiness Presidents' Council.

Latest News & Views

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Upcoming event: What if business stopped pandering to China?

Monday, December 9, 2019
7:00 PM
Curris Business Building #109 John Deere Auditorium

China has become increasingly assertive in forcing companies wishing to do business in China to conform to Chinese governmental demands. What if U.S. companies stopped pandering to China?

1 week 4 days ago