Ken McCormick

Professor of Economics


Ph.D. (Economics) Iowa State University; B.A. (Economics and Urban Studies with Highest Honors) University of California at Riverside.

Teaching Interests

Thorstein Veblen, History of Economic Thought, Macroeconomics, Math for Economics.

Research Interests

Philosophy and economics. Bounded rationality. Club theory.

Professional Accomplishments

McCormick has been a faculty member at UNI since graduating in 1982 from Iowa State University. His book, Veblen in Plain English: A Complete Introduction to Thorstein Veblen’s Economics (2006), has been very well received and led to an appearance on The Bob Edwards Show. One of his journal articles on Veblen has been twice reprinted in books, and another of his articles has been reprinted once. He has published over 30 articles in outlets such as The Review of Social Economy, The Eastern Economic Journal, The Pacific Economic Review, The Journal of Theoretical Politics, Applied Economics, and The Journal of Economics. He has been awarded three grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities. McCormick has received the Regent’s Award for Faculty Excellence as well as UNI’s university-wide teaching award.

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