Kevin Hall

Systems Coordinator


B.A. (History/Teaching) Ripon College.


Kevin Hall provides computer and related technical assistance to the Institute of Decision Making and other units of the Business and Community Services (BCS) Division at the University of Northern Iowa. Hall is assigned to BCS through the University of Northern Iowa’s Information Technology Services (ITS) and has been with Institute of Decision Making since June of 1999.

Professional Accomplishments

Before joining Business and Community Services and IDM, Hall served four years with the Estherville Police Department and most recently was a Deputy Sheriff for twelve years with the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office. His last assignment was in the Records Division as a Systems Analyst, where he provided computer hardware and technical support and statistical analysis.

During his tenure at the Sheriff’s Office, Hall provided computer technical and equipment support for the entire Black Hawk 911 communications system. He also worked part time as a systems consultant and on-site technician for Applied Micro Technologies (AMT), now known as Shield Technologies. He provided technical development with AMT on the new windows-based CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Software) software. Hall, subsequently, also provided technical development of the Mobile Data Project with Racom Corporation, a communication company headquartered in Marshalltown. This project did the initial testing for sending data to the fire/police and rescue personnel in Black Hawk County using the new CJIS windows product.

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