Paul Kinghorn

Director, Center for Growth & Innovation (CBGI)


Franklin University - BS, 1994

Ohio University - MBA, 1995


Paul Kinghorn is the Director of the Center for Business Growth and Innovation (CBGI) at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). Through an array of innovative programs, the CBGI serves as the UNI outreach initiative that works to build and support Iowa’s entrepreneurial communities. CBGI services engage entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout Iowa with direct technical assistance, access to timely research, information dissemination and activities that connect entrepreneurs to disparate public and private sector resources.

Paul Kinghorn directs a dedicated staff that works to identify the evolving requirements of today’s entrepreneurs and creates programs that deliver innovative solutions to those needs. Paul is responsible for cultivating and developing working relationships with the Iowa Regent universities, multiple state and local agencies, as well as other influential private sector service providers to build program awareness and support. 

Professional Accomplishments

Paul has held a number of ownership and/or management positions within public and private organizations including a number of startups and early stage business ventures.  Paul has experienced the complexities inherent in commercializing technology and innovation and in bringing improvement into an organization and has over twenty year’s consulting with businesses of various sizes in all aspects of their operations.  Paul has an interest and passion in the areas of ideation, startup development, strategy, leadership development and process efficiency as each pertains to enhancing sustainability and in maximizing shareholder value.

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