Yu (Jade) Chu

John Deere Endowed Faculty Fellow

Assistant Professor

Jade Chu

CBB 257

(319) 273-6020

Yu (Jade) Chu

John Deere Endowed Faculty Fellow

Assistant Professor

Faculty member researching and teaching in the area of operations and supply chain management.


Ph.D. (Supply Chain Management) University of Tennessee; MBA (Concentration in Supply Chain Management) University of Arkansas; B.A.(Logistics Management) Ocean University of China

Teaching Interests

Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Supply Management, Sustainability, Distribution and LogisticsĀ 

Research Interests

The supply chain is always disruptive, with or without the pandemic. Jade's overarching research interest is supply chain disruption in two directions: upstream and downstream. Her primary research stream centers on the decision-making in buyer-supplier exchanges, both in a steady operative and disruptive mode. Her secondary research stream examines consumer reactions to supply chain disruptions, such as in sustainability and food chain through transparency. Using multi-staged experimental studies, Jade connects both areas to infer further the causal effect of buyers, suppliers, and consumers' decision processes.

Professional Accomplishments

Before joining UNI, Jade taught intermediate supply chain management at the University of Tennessee during her Ph.D. and received the Outstanding Doctoral Teaching Award from Haslam Business School at UT.

Additional Information

Participated in a study abroad program and interned with Walmart Global Sourcing Office in India for three months.