Faculty View

It all starts with the smallest financial reverse

Embezzlement—“theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to one’s employer (Google.com dictionary).” 

Embezzlement is a friendly-sounding word, not harsh like “extortion.” Employers, however, have to guard against even trusted employees. The newspapers frequently report long-time employees, who embezzled money over a number of years. In many cases, the employee had overspent, sometimes out of a desire for fancy consumer items and sometimes out of desperation to cover unanticipated medical bills or car repairs.

Exploring the economics of sustainable craft brewing

A wise professor in graduate school once told me that the most relevant research questions come when you least expect them, and usually when you are talking with people about their everyday activities and concerns. He was known for always carrying a pen and notepad regardless of the social setting. While I carry a smartphone instead, his advice has served me well. For me, a casual conversation with a colleague has led to a new line of research involving beer. Tough gig, right?!