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October 2017

Automation Nation

Predictions that digital automation will soon change business are wrong; in reality, business has already changed. However, the current wave of technology differs from past iterations in scope and reach. Previously, the average person didn’t have access to business automation tools. Use of those tools required extensive training and a high level of skill. Likewise, equipment carried exorbitant price tags few could afford.

Oct 25 2017

Ethical View

Shared Office Space
Sharing Spaces

On the spectrum of workspace layout with utilitarian/nondescript at one end and creatively stimulating at the other, where are you? Your answer might depend on how much time you spend at a desk, the type of work you do, your communication style, and how you like to process information. Workers benefit from proximity to coworkers and a sense of collegiality. They also sometimes need quiet workspaces and reduced distractions. 

Oct 31 2017

Ethical View