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October 2020

Laura Lopez meeting with student on University of Northern Iowa campus
Unpack program helps students acclimate to college life

Students who enter UNI’s business college come from all kinds of backgrounds. They might be a first-generation student or from an underrepresented group. Whatever the case, UNI’s Unpack program for business students, provides a crucial resource to guide them through the college journey.

Oct 14 2020

female business college student holding mortar board at commencement in front of University of Northern Iowa panther statue
Certificate teaches the fundamentals of health care business

In the past year, health care has become one of the most important industries throughout the world. As the pandemic grips the United States, hospitals and other health organizations have been thrust to the frontlines. But behind front-facing staff and heroes, like doctors, nurses and more, is the business side, like managers and executives.

Oct 14 2020

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UNI business students at career fair
The complete guide to choosing a college major

College is an exciting time in your life, but don’t spend all four years merely enjoying it – you should take advantage of this time to determine exactly what you want to do with your life. This article will help you decide how to choose your college major that fits your long-term goals.

Oct 16 2020

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University of Northern Iowa business students chat with prospective students
What to look for in a college or university

When looking for a college to attend, many people are unsure of what to look for in a good school. Often they take into account a university’s reputation with peers, where it is located and if it has the major of their choice. However, while these are essential questions, there are other areas you should look into before committing to a particular college.

Oct 09 2020

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news media at press conference
News bias? You choose the news you wish to consume

During election season, people love to accuse the media of bias. Liberals and conservatives assail local and national newspapers, as well as various television newscasts, of tilting in one political direction or another. Since it is unlikely that a news source can be biased in both directions, many people’s perceptions must be erroneous.

Oct 20 2020

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