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8 study abroad opportunities made possible by UNIBusiness donors

October 1, 2019 - 2:28pm
UNIBusiness Editor
UNIBusiness student Adrienne Tebbe in Ireland

The opportunity to study abroad can open eyes and possibilities for college students. Experiencing different cultures is beneficial not only to a students’ professional life, but also their viewpoint on the world.

UNIBusiness recognizes the important role studying abroad can have in a student’s life and how it can provide them an extra edge in the professional world. The Dean’s Fund for Excellence, funded fully by dedicated donors, helps fund these essential international experiences for students. Here are nine study abroad experiences made possible by the Dean’s Fund for Excellence.

Lauren Clingman (Finance and Real Estate): Sweden

“As a real estate major, I was obsessed with the architecture in Sweden. I was in awe of the colorful buildings, the historic castles, tall ceilings inside buildings, and of course, the gorgeous doors. I fell in love with some of the doors so much that I took pictures with them, so I have attached one for your reference. Although the capstone I went on was not major specific, I was able to connect my studies throughout this trip.”

Jill Vonnahme (Supply Chain Management and Management Information Systems): Spain

“Before this experience, I had never left the country and I grew up in a small town of only 1,800 people. During this experience, I was fully immersed in Spanish culture as I lived with a host family for the five weeks I studied in northern Spain. I was able to learn their customs, communicate more effectively with others, and enjoy the beauty of the other side of the world. I was really opened up to how understanding others around the world are and realized if you show effort and do your best to fit in, most people are patient, kind, and genuinely want to help you.”

Aime Perez (Supply Chain Management and Business Administration): Ireland

“The most important takeaway from this study abroad experience was to be able to gain skills that I will apply in my near future, upon graduation. I really valued the experience and new perspective on a different culture I acquired during my stay in Ireland. I also learned to adapt and communicate when doing business with the Irish people. I am really thankful and happy that I got to take on this experience because I've always found it important to gain international perspectives so that I can better communicate in my future business dealings.”

Adrienne Tebbe (Supply Chain Management and Management Information Systems): Ireland

“This program could not have been possible without the support of these generous people and organizations. My key takeaway is that the valuable hands-on experience of working with a company internationally will benefit me throughout my career and beyond. It's something that will keep on giving at any phase of my life and has inspired some international travel in the near future!”

Dayten Wittenburg (Marketing and Supply Chain Management): Ireland

“The most important takeaway from my study abroad experience was the new perspective I gained about another culture. I had never been outside of the United States, so it was very interesting to me to be immersed in another culture different from my own. With a new culture comes a new set of social cues and society norms. I learned to adapt when communicating and doing business with people of the Irish culture.”

Kenna Lundy (Economics and Finance): Greece

“I realized how important it is to do some research about the country/culture/customs in advance, but also to not make assumptions based on that research. I'm excited that I got the opportunity to experience another culture from a business perspective, which I've never gotten to do in my previous travels. I'm currently interning at a company that has an office in China, so if I were to continue to work there after graduation, this experience could come in handy.”

Emily Hudacheck (Business Teaching): Italy

“I always wanted to study overseas, but the financial costs prevented me from doing that. Thanks to the donors who provided financial support, I was able to partake in a study abroad experience in Italy this summer. I got to explore Rome, Reggio Emilia, Venice, and Florence through my Creativity Capstone. I learned about how we can develop environments that foster creativity and how items that some people may consider waste can be given a new purpose just by changing our perspective of the item.”

Jared Larson (Finance, Economics and Real Estate): Greece

“While in Greece, I have been able to:

  • See how businesses work and differ from the United States.
  • Interact and transact with people of a foreign language. 
  • Break down subconscious biases that I have held that have limited my ability to be welcoming of people different from me.
  • Enhance and develop my cultural awareness and competence.

None of this would be possible without [UNIBusiness’] support, and I will be strongly recommending an opportunity like this to my fellow classmates in the near future!”

Aimee Perez UNIBusiness student
Amie Perez in Ireland

Emily Hudacheck UNIBusines student
Emily Hudacheck in Italy

Jill Vonnahme UNIBusiness student
Jill Vonnahme in Spain

TC in Greece
TC in Greece

UNIBusiness thanks the those who donate to the Dean's Fund for Excellence. Funds raised help pay for student organization competitions, global experiences and professional credential education.


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