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Budding musician uses UNIBusiness MBA program to pursue her passion

June 21, 2018 - 4:13pm
UNIBusiness Editor
Crystal Weber

Crystal Weber has many reasons why a UNIBusiness MBA makes sense.

It will help accelerate her career at Farmers State Bank in Waterloo, where she works as the chief compliance officer and a manager on the bank’s investment side. She hopes it will help her manage her budding music career. She also has a long-term dream of opening a small clothing boutique.

She admits it's a long list, but she hopes an MBA will help her on the path to achieving some of those goals.

"I have this list of things that I actually want to do," Weber said with a laugh. "We'll see what I do, but I know the degree will be useful in many of these regards."

Weber, who is from Ackley, made the decision to get her MBA last year and started taking classes on location in Cedar Falls in fall 2017. Through one year in the program, Weber said it has been going well. It's different from when she last went to school - she graduated from UNI in 2005 with an English literature and creative writing degree - because of the emphasis on group work. The one-on-one nature of the lessons is important, too.

"I feel like I've learned a lot," said Weber, who is planning to finish in 2020. "I would say it's been really informative."

Weber has had an interest in music all her life. When she was a child, she played the piano and sang, but she didn't start writing her own music until her creative writing courses at UNI. And just in the last five years, Weber has tried to take her music to the next level.

She has released two albums, "Third Chances" and "Discovering Sidewalks," and will be releasing a third this summer titled "All Roads Lead Somewhere." Weber plays all around the Cedar Valley region and is proud of the way her music touches her audience.

"Music allows me to meet a lot of different people, and I can make a difference by writing songs," she said. "If someone hears something, it might hit them in a certain way and help them through something and you don’t even realize it. You hear a lot of cool stories."

Weber hopes her music career will make it beyond Iowa, but she enjoys her day job at Farmers State Bank. She hopes the MBA program will help her realize her potential in both realms of her life.

"Music has always been a passion of mine," Weber said. "And I really like my job at Farmers State Bank. It’s a nice opposite life."


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