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The business core is more important than you might think

May 17, 2016 - 12:00am
UNIBusiness Editor
Business Policy and Strategy students present to Nick Bailey and other UNI faculty in a large conference room

Professor Nick Bailey is new to UNI but is wasting no time in making his mark. Two students from Bailey’s Business Policy and Strategy simulation qualified for an international competition against other schools around the world in the Best-Strategy Invitational (BSI). The BSI is a global competition held in May, August, and December every year in which students exhibit teamwork and analytic skills. Students Dakota Hageman (Accounting) and Alexandre Henrique Gamboa (Industrial Engineering) entered and competed as separate companies. Both students performed extremely well with Gamboa's company, Jabuti Shoes, winning first place in his division and tying for the highest score across all divisions. Hageman’s company, Iowa Footwear, placed sixth in his division.

When asked about how his education from UNIBusiness helped him in the competition, Hageman remarked, “I used something from every single business core I have taken in my time here at UNI. The Business Policy and Strategy class with Professor Bailey does an excellent job of tying all the core classes together and highlighting how they are interrelated and how decisions affect different parts of the business.” 

UNIBusiness students have the unique opportunity to experience all areas of business throughout their core classes. In their senior year, they take the Business Policy and Strategy class, which is a culmination of everything they have learned. "In this course, Professor Bailey managed to teach us how to apply knowledge from our different backgrounds for constructing companies long-term strategies as well as to be aware of the changes in the competitive environment. For the invitational success, it was crucial to understand and foresee those changes in the environment, as well as setting a long term goal and how to achieve it," Gamboa Henrique said. Hageman went on to cite specific examples saying, “My management classes helped me make the production and wage decisions. My Economics and Marketing classes helped me set prices and marketing levels to maximize profit. My finance and accounting classes helped me analyze the financial statements and ratios, and build schedules to make decisions about loans and dividends.”

Congratulations to Hageman, Gamboa Henrique, and all students in Professor Bailey’s class on a successful simulation and collegiate careers. As a college, we’re extremely proud to have such well rounded students and wish them the best in their future endeavors.


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