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Forgive us our debts?

A trendy idea circulating on the political left is student-loan debt forgiveness. For some graduates and non-graduates, student loans are, indeed, onerous.

Mar 10 2020

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Foreign gold coin
Wealthy Hoarders—American style

Recently I’ve seen a spate of posts on Facebook—granted not the most veracious of mediums—bemoaning rich Americans’ penchant for “hoarding” their wealth.

Mar 09 2020

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People exiting a plane
In praise of cost cutting

Major American airlines are notorious for squeezing more passengers onto their planes. The image of sardines in a can is apt. Passengers, of course, whine. Pundits, consumer advocates, and legislators are outraged and claim airlines are only interested in increasing profits.

Mar 05 2020

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Businessman holding cash
Billionaires should not exist

The title is a quote from Senator and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Apparently he used to say, “Millionaires shouldn’t exist,” but given that he is now a millionaire thanks to his books, he has altered his slogan.

Feb 26 2020

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NCAA Building
Profiting from your likeness

In the wake of his scintillating performance in the NCAA football championship game between Louisiana State University and Clemson, fans and the media lionized quarterback Joe Burrow. What differentiated Burrow and Iowa’s own Maddie Poppe, another talented young adult?

Feb 21 2020

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