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Drawing of a workers protest
New generation, same grit

Today’s college students appear much less enamored with “big business as usual” than their immediate predecessors. Students today are faced with a job market requiring nimbleness, as large corporations no long offer lifetime employment that Americans of the past experienced.

Sep 10 2019

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The text identity theft surrounded by binary digits on a computer screen
I've got a secret! No, I don't

The Equifax debacle emphasized a new truism: Your identity and all of your secrets are not safe. You are living in a world where you must take the initiative to protect your identity against thieves.

Dec 08 2017

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A man with this mouth ducttaped shut with the text freedom vs responsibility by the image
Freedom vs. Responsibility when uttering opinions

I enjoy creating these blog pieces. I have considerable latitude in topics. I work for a state university; universities should stoutly protect “freedom of speech,” although some people on both sides of the political spectrum sometimes wish to limit such freedoms.

Nov 27 2017

Ethical View