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UNI's American Marketing Association (AMA) team holds their award at the AMA International Collegiate Conference
Would you give up your spring break?

With spring break just a couple weeks removed, many faces around campus are still looking sun-kissed from the relaxation and warmer temperatures many college students elect to take advantage of during their time off.

Apr 05 2016

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Headshot of Senior Sharnae Lamar
A slam dunk of a college experience

As graduation rapidly approaches and the chaos of making sure credits are fulfilled and post-graduation plans are finalized, it's important to take a minute to reflect on the decisions and experiences that led to this point in life.

Mar 30 2016

Student News

The American Advertising Federation-UNI group seen pictured with their award at the National Student Advertising Competition
What's an 'ADDY'?

When thinking about the inner workings of a business, accounting, finance, and sales probably come to mind. However, there is one aspect of the business world that tends to be overlooked: advertising.

Mar 29 2016

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Group picture of the Jump Start program student employees called pathfinders
Blazing their own path

I believe the phrase is “Iowa-nice” when it comes to how many people outside our state view us. We’re the mild-mannered, polite, and downright nice midwesterners who live in those fly-over states.

Mar 24 2016

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All signers of the Ethical Pledge gather at the door of John Deere Auditorium for a group picture
Got ethics?

What does it mean to be "Ethically Certified"? This is a question many of our students asked themselves as they walked into John Deere Auditorium last Tuesday evening.

Mar 07 2016

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