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UNI Accounting Club Gives Back

On March 6, students participated in the UNI Accounting Club’s annual event “Bowling for Books.” KPMG hosted the event raising awareness about children’s literacy through their foundation KPMG’s Family for Literacy.

Apr 10 2017

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Four Internships in Four Years

Internships are the flagship "experience maker" within colleges and universities everywhere. They serve as a great résumé builder and have been known to lead to full-time employment for many business graduates. But how soon should business students take on an internship?

Apr 06 2017

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Help Feed the Entrepreneurs!

The UNI Entrepreneurs Club (UNI-E) is preparing for their professional readiness trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The trip, which is designed to feed the minds of present and future business owners, is important to their leadership development.

Mar 02 2017

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