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Benefits gained by mentors and mentees in their relationship outlined in a diagram
Mentoring #MakesADifference

A recent Gallup study found that students who had emotional support while in college–a faculty member who inspired them, faculty who cared about their learning, and a mentor who encouraged them–were twice as likely to be engaged in their work and “thriving in their overall well-being.” I do hope

Nov 10 2017

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Front cover of the 2017 UNIBiz Magazine with #MakeADifference through business at the bottom
How do you make a difference?

Over the past five years, I have reviewed ACT data that provides a view as to the areas students want to study in college. For a business school dean, the data has not been positive. The data appears to show decreased interest in business as a major.

Nov 02 2017

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Cardboard sign saying will work for experience is held up with the text in the title over the image
MBA capstone experience

The Capstone Experience is the comprehensive application of the MBA curriculum in a strategic context. Working in small teams with a faculty advisor, students take a strategic business perspective to frame and analyze an issue posed by an area organization.

Aug 30 2017

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