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Got ethics?

March 7, 2016 - 12:00am
UNIBusiness Editor
All signers of the Ethical Pledge gather at the door of John Deere Auditorium for a group picture

What does it mean to be "Ethically Certified"? This is a question many of our students asked themselves as they walked into John Deere Auditorium last Tuesday evening. At a young age we are taught to do the right thing and treat others how we expect to be treated, but converting these lessons into real life sticky situations can be harder than you would think.

Members of the UNIBusiness Presidents' Council had an idea to help students more clearly navigate through those sticky situations. With the help of UNIBusiness Administration and University of Northern Iowa's President, William Ruud, students gathered, discussed, and learned what it looks like to make an ethical decision.

At the beginning of the seminar, attendees learned about Rest's 4 Component Model, which discusses four moral aspects that lead to ethical behavior. The group then had the opportunity to speak about specific instances in which they were not told which was the right, or ethical, decision. Student's shared their opinions and came to the conclusion that not all dilemmas had one concrete answer. President Ruud then spoke to the group about how ethics plays a part in his everyday life, both personal and professional, and also explained how an "Ethical Pledge" can keep you accountable and on the right path.

The students also had the opportunity to sign the UNIBusiness Honor Code, developed by the Presidents' Council. The UNIBusiness Honor Code was put on a business card sized Pledge Card so students can carry it with them at all times. Seminar leader and student Samantha Johannsen stated "we feel that thinking ethically is something that we will all face in our future careers and relationships, and any extra efforts to have a better understanding of what it means to make an ethical decision is extremely beneficial."

The following students made a commitment to upholding these standards:

Jamal White
Ben Dzaboff
Aaron Dzaboff
Cody Campbell
Hailey Johnson
Taylor Bowers
Austin Vrzak
Melissa Black
Anna Meadows
Emma Welp
Dodj Lanzo
Zachary Pendray
Brandi Hosch
Lauren Lemert
Sarah Hofmeyer
Mayra Rocha
Melissa Ament
Minhchau Chau

UNIBusiness Presidents' Council plans to make this Ethical Seminar an annual event where students across the campus can come and learn more about the importance of ethics.


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