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How does he do it?

March 10, 2016 - 12:00am
UNIBusiness Editor
Headshot of Alumni Joe Bolick

Beyoncé gets the same 24 hours in a day as all the rest of us do, right? It’s just about how we choose to spend that time. While each of us is at a different spot in life, one of those who has figured out to make the most of his time is UNI alumni Joe Bolick (Marketing ‘04).

After graduation, Bolick decided to remain in the Cedar Valley where he has emerged as one of the most influential personalities within the community. The influence not only comes from his role within the business community, but through the social aspects as well. The Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier has identified Bolick as one of the most capable and prominent leaders in the Cedar Valley, recognizing him in their 20 Under 40 Awards. When asked about what the award has meant to him, Bolick described the recognition as "extremely gratifying, yet quite humbling.  I was born and raised here, so to see my name mentioned with all of the past and present recipients, it's almost surreal."  

Professionally, Bolick serves as the communications and public relations manager for UNI Business and Community Services (BCS) in addition to being the university’s economic development outreach arm of UNIBusiness, and at the Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC). On the paternal, community member side of things, he keeps himself just as busy as he does at work. Bolick coaches youth sports, participates in the Orange School Parents Association, and coaches for the school’s Junior Lego League.

While some of the positions he serves in have opportunity for competition, Bolick sees it as a chance to teach sportsmanship, fundamentals, and the importance of having fun. “It’s about introducing them to a game and keeping them active,” the father of two explains.

The Cedar Valley is fortunate to have a man committed to making such a difference in his community, and we here at UNIBusiness are extremely grateful for the efforts Joe goes to serving as a liaison between UNIBusiness and BCS.


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