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Internship series: Riley Pfeiler finds a perfect fit at Rockwell Collins

November 1, 2018 - 12:12pm
UNIBusiness Editor
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Riley Pfeiler didn’t want to just go through the rounds during his internship. He wasn’t interested in fetching coffee or filing documents. Pfeiler was looking for something meaningful and an opportunity to make actual contributions for an organization.

He found the right fit when he interned full time at Rockwell Collins during this past summer.

“They do a great job of giving you actual work that’s going to contribute to the business as a whole,” said Pfeiler, who worked as a financial planning an analysis intern in the commercial systems department.

“One of the best opportunities they gave us was the chance to meet with the [chief financial officer] and do a Q&A with him. That was a beneficial experience to hear all he’s gone through and receive advice as an individual trying to break into the industry.”  

Pfeiler’s journey to Rockwell Collins started at the UNIBusiness career fair in September 2017, where he had plenty of experience to boast. He had a few internships under his belt and worked in the financial services office at UNI, which provided valuable work experience.

“Having a campus job is always good to get experience and contribute to the university,” Pfeiler said. “It opened up some of the opportunities I have now.”

One of Pfeiler’s previous internships was with Aegon Asset Management in Cedar Rapids as a tax credit asset management analyst intern from January to August 2017. While he liked the internship, Pfeiler realized commercial real estate wasn’t for him, so he switched over to finance.

Pfeiler started working with Rockwell Collins part time in January before his full-time position in the summer. He plants to continue his part-time work with the company — commuting to Cedar Rapids on Thursdays and Fridays — while taking nine credits this fall semester.

He also accepted a full-time position at the company, where he will enter a rotation program in January 2019. The program will allow Pfeiler to work in various departments at Rockwell Collins for about three years to gain his bearings and inform the next step in his career.

All told, Pfeiler is thankful for his internship experience at Rockwell Collins. It helped him both mold his career path and make meaningful contributions along the way.

“They offered very good work,” said Pfeiler, who wants to be a financial adviser someday. “You’re not just an intern. You contribute to important daily tasks. In the grand scheme of things, everything you do matters. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just filing stuff. My experience was very beneficial.”


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