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Learning about UNI's new student organization: Business Student Ambassadors

September 9, 2016 - 12:00am
UNIBusiness Editor
Group picture of the Business Student Ambassador members in the back of the Curris Business Building

Students organizations are one of the many reasons that make UNI great. Thousands of students devote their time and energy into organizations they're passionate about. One of the new organizations at the University of Northern Iowa is Business Student Ambassadors (BSA). Business Student Ambassadors is an organization that provides support for recruiting and retention for UNIBusiness. BSA works in collaboration with the UNIBusiness Presidents' Council and the Admissions Department Student Admissions Ambassadors (SAA).

Ambassadors play an integral role in the recruitment of prospective students. Ambassadors provide tours of Curris Business Building and can answer questions about the College from a current student point of view. Ambassadors represent UNIBusiness to alumni, business professionals, and other special campus guests. Additionally, Ambassadors serve on panels and help with special UNI visit days.

To serve on BSA, a student must have CUM GPA above 3.0, be involved within UNIBusiness, and be at least a 2nd year student or older. Business Student Ambassadors has 8 founding executive members and 14 founding members.

I've had the pleasure of meeting separately with BSA's founding and current President Mark Burck and founding member Melanie Majeed to discuss their purpose and reasons for leading this phenomenal organization.

Anissa: Tell me about BSA? 

Mark: BSA started this semester, we just finished our fall recruiting that we did over the summer. We serve as a resource to UNIBusiness assisting them with anything they need.

Anissa: What is BSA'S Mission statement?

Mark: Business Student Ambassadors is a volunteer organization made up of current UNI business students who provide insight and guidance to prospective students.

Anissa: what is your goal for BSA?

Mark: My goal for BSA is to do as much for UNIBusiness as possible. This has been an amazing opportunity for me to be able to give back to the school that has given so much to me.

Anissa: Where do you see BSA after you graduate?

Mark: I hope for it to continue on and work alongside the President's council and SSA like we've started doing and just help get as many prospective students into UNIBusiness as possible and to answer questions and help out the college.

Anissa: After students arrive on campus who you talked to, does BSA keep in touch with them? 

Mark: Yes if students have any questions they know they can contact us. They can connect the UNI business advising, which is If students have any questions it will get directed to my email and I will get back with answers as soon as I can.

Anissa: What was the recruitment process like for BSA?

Mark: Recruitment for general members of BSA started out with the application bringing in 35 applicants and giving 30 interviews through skype over the summer. After the application and interview process, founding exec members meet on a skype conference call, to select the best applicants.

Anissa: When will BSA be recruiting again?

Mark: We will be recruiting in October of this semester. We will be recruiting every semester, because members will be graduating in December. We have 15 open positions because we felt those were the only applicants who could serve in the role. So we'll recruit again to fill any open positions we have. 

After I finish meeting with Mark, A few days letter I meet with Melanie Majeed who is also a founding member apart of BSA. 

Anissa: Tell me why you joined BSA?

Melanie: I joined BSA because it was a new recruitment organization in UNIBusiness. I think UNIBusiness is the best college because of the numerous resources that are available to me and the experiences I have gained just being a student in this college. I had an internship this summer, and a lot of my friends aren't business majors and I know they haven't had the same resources or experiences I have as a business major at UNI. The main reason I joined BSA is having the opportunity to convince a student that is undecided or isn't sure with their major to come to UNIBusiness demonstrating from my experience how much they will learn and all of the resources that are available to them. 

Anissa: Would you recommend your friends to apply for a position in October?

Melanie: Yes, I would definitely recommend my friends to apply to be a member of BSA because each member in BSA is different. You have members of the majority and members of the minority. Stories are going to be different, experiences are going to be different and test and trials are going to be different. Most of my friends are minorities students so their stories are going to be different than majority students. One thing we can all agree on in BSA is that we had influential time while we were in UNIBusiness. We can also agree that UNIBusiness has prepared us with resources and professors to be successful in our career working field.

Anissa: What do you see for your future in BSA?

Melanie: I am a founding member so we're learning what BSA is going to be for UNIBusiness. I feel like we can be so much more. I would love to be on the marketing committee or create a website for BSA to increase the knowledge about UNIBusiness.

Anissa: When you say BSA could be so much more, what do you mean?

Melanie: It's a new organization, there is no history so we could make it what we want to make it. The name would let you know that we are recruiters for UNIBusiness but we could be resources as well. A lot of us have studied abroad and had internships so we could assist students in getting internships and the process to study abroad. I also think that we could collaborate with a lot of other business organizations.

Anissa: What is the most important part that you feel your job is to do, being apart of BSA?

Melanie: I feel that my job is to be honest with students about my college experiences being a student and being apart of UNIBusiness and also letting them know that it's okay if you really don't know what you want to do, that's why we have these classes to test the waters to see if you like them or not. I also want to assist them if they need anything through their transition to college and being a student in UNIBusiness because it can be tough! All business majors know.

Anissa: When are you guys active on campus?

Melanie: The sunday before school started we did an ice cream social and a panel for jump start. We also have an upcoming event next week during open house. It is a panel event that BSA will be apart of.

Anissa: How would you describe the atmosphere with you and other BSA members?

Melanie: It's a new organization so recruitment started over this summer, so we didn't really know each other, but we had a retreat this friday and I think we clicked really well to be so different and coming from so many different backgrounds. I believe we click well because our end goal is the same which is: helping students be successful in UNIBusiness. Having such a diverse group gives everyone a chance to learn and hear different perspectives, making us become more well rounded as a team.

Anissa: Do you think you will be on BSA next year?

Melanie: Yes, I will be on BSA until I graduate. BSA all the way!

Business Student Ambassadors is an amazing organization filled with UNI's brightest young student leaders. This student organization will definitely have longevity on UNI's campus.


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