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Outstanding UNIBusiness student awarded distinguished scholarship

February 8, 2016 - 12:00am
UNIBusiness Editor
CyberCorps winner Travis Miller in front of the Curris Business Building

As the spring semester starts and students settle into their new classes and schedules, there's a feeling of growing excitement and anticipation for those who will be graduating in May. Whether the future is carefully planned or completely uncertain, it's easy to be eager to receive that diploma. For senior Travis Miller (Management Information Systems), stepping out of the classroom in May means immediately stepping into another. Miller is a recipient of the CyberCorps Scholarship for Service to continue his education at Iowa State University. 

"CyberCorps is a program designed to provide students the means to earn a degree in Information Assurance in an attempt to bolster the profession for the government," said Miller. "It is designed as a scholarship for service because participants receive their full tuition paid, money towards books, and around $34,000 in a yearly stipend, but they also are required to participate in a summer internship with a federal agency, as well as two years of employment after graduation with a federal agency." The CyberCorps Scholarship not only assures a guaranteed arrangement for the future, it also provides "an opportunity to get my Master's degree in Information Assurance, which likely would not have been possible without this scholarship for service," said Miller.

While this next move is a sure thing for Miller, his future wasn't always set in stone. "My plan originally was to be a Business Administration major. When I entered college, I wanted to go to graduate school and get my MBA, and then I decided against it. When I heard about the Information Assurance program, I decided I wanted to [give it another try]."

Miller's change of course is typical for nearly every college student. Switching his major in his junior year was a result of the hard work of UNIBusiness staff. "The faculty in the MIS department at UNI really enticed me to become part of the MIS major," said Miller. "After entering the department, I learned about how to develop systems from beginning to end, the best practices for database management, and various languages to program in. The faculty also encouraged me to talk to them, furthering my connections with them and opening up job opportunities."

One such opportunity that opened up was for the CyberCorps Scholarship. "It will provide me with valuable work experience with the federal government, allowing me to hone my skills and create a network of professionals to call upon in the future if need be."

As Miller prepares to further his education in Ames, he feels well equipped to handle any situation that comes his way. "Besides the obvious technical and communication skills I learned at UNI, I also plan to take a humble attitude into the business world. It seems like a lot of the business people I aspire to be like one day are humble, hardworking, and stick to their principles. All of these aspects were further encouraged during my time at UNI."


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