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These 5 Apps Can Make Life in Quarantine Easier

5 months ago
UNIBusiness Editor
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It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been asked to distance ourselves from our friends, colleagues and loved ones due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

For many, the idea of staying home sounded great –like a mini-vacation from the constant chaos of everyday life. But as the days turn into weeks, you may start feeling imprisoned in your own home, and mentally removed from the face-to-face life you once knew. 

Even in quarantine, it’s important to stay mentally strong and connected. Here are a few apps that can help.


If you're curious to how people are spending their free time while in quarantine, look no further than TikTok. This app is guaranteed to suck up hours of your day as people from all over the world dance, sing and post funny interactions with their pets. We've decided to jump on the band wagon - follow us on TikTok @unibusiness.


COVID-19 is emotionally impacting us in different ways. It's important that we take care of our mental health by finding resources to help us cope with the anxiety, pressure and uncertainty of the days ahead. Headspace app provides the basics on how to meditate and helps you find balance and gratitude. According to their website, “a few minutes could change your whole day.” Afraid to meditate? Before diving in, check out the free meditations and resources for health care professionals, educators, employers and more at​.

Nike Training Club

Although the easy way to quarantine involves a bag of chips and Netflix,  a healthier alternative is Nike Training Club (NTC). The app offers free workouts from certified Nike trainers for people in all fitness levels. NTC Premium is free for all users until further notice, so there’s nothing to lose except the extra weight you’ll gain in quarantine.


Zoom is a leader in the video conferencing space, and chances are you’ve become a mini-expert the last few weeks. But Zoom can be used for more than professional meetings. Host a snack party, happy hour or group treadmill walk over Zoom and invite family and friends to join. Schedule a virtual play date for your kids. Think beyond the professional benefits of Zoom, and brainstorms ways it can help you stay connected with friends and family.​

Draw Something

Draw Something was one of the most popular apps in 2012 and thanks to COVID-19, you should have extra time to test it out. Draw Something is similar to the popular board game, Pictionary. You select a word to draw, then watch your friends try to guess what you’ve drawn. It is a light hearted and fun way to stay connected. Most importantly, no drawing skills are required.



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