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UNI AAF students win Best in Show at 2020 ADDY Awards

March 10, 2020 - 2:53pm
UNIBusiness Editor
uni aaf students accept Best of Show Addy award

The challenge: Change the perception of hot dogs. 
The result: “Get Dogged” and a Best in Show award. 

The University of Northern Iowa student chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) won three awards at the annual Cedar Valley Addy awards show (Student Best in Show and two Gold Addys) last month. The group earned the hardware thanks to its “Get Dogged” campaign, which it created for the annual National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) last year. 

“It was an honor to take these awards home as our team spent a semester in the classroom and lots of time outside of class time to make this a success,” said Hannah Hoth, a member on the UNI AAF team. “As a college student, this is a very unique experience to have while in college so it is great that we got recognized as talented marketers and advertisers entering the workforce.” 

Gold Addy award for "Get Dogged" outdoor campaignGold Addy award for "Get Dogged" outdoor campaign
Gold Addy award for "Take a Bite Out of Life" billboardGold Addy award for "Take a Bite Out of Life" billboard

The UNI AAF based the campaign on its own consumer research, finding that people generally like hot dogs, but many do not like eating them in public. The creative team then concocted the slogan “Get Dogged” and expanded it on a number of materials, including billboards, videos and more, encouraging people to eat hot dogs wherever they are. 

The group brought an array of perspectives to the table from majors throughout the university. In addition to the diligent market research team, the creative team consisted of designers, video producers, copywriters and more. 

“It was a creatively diverse and multi-talented team that was full of talent and passion for big ideas and high creative standards,” said marketing instructor Matthew Wilson. “The ‘Get Dogged’ campaign had the creative and visual energy to both attract attention and resonate with their intended audience. Hot dog lovers nationwide would have rejoiced to hear this inspired message of love for the dawg.”

Students gained invaluable experience. They learned what it was like to work in the advertising industry, and they now have awards to put on their resume. Having real-life scenarios to lean on will help them stand out when it comes to seeking out a job. 


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