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UNI business students awarded for academics and leadership

4 months ago
UNIBusiness Editor
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Every April, UNIBusiness celebrates the end of the academic year by recognizing the accomplishments of distinguished faculty, alumni and students at the annual Leadership Celebration. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 UNIBusiness Leadership Celebration will be celebrated virtually though a series of online features, videos and social media posts honoring the recipients. This annual event celebrates those who made an impact professionally, socially and academically on the success of UNIBusiness.

Student Leadership Celebration Introduction

Jace Jirak (Finance and MIS '20) and Kevin Kiesel (Management '20)
Co-Presidents of UNIBusiness Student Organization Presidents Council

Purple and Old Gold Award Winners

Purple and Old Gold for Accounting
Ashley Lang (Accounting '20)

Purple and Old Gold for Business Teaching
Emily Hudachek (Business Teaching '20)

Purple and Old Gold for Economics
Nick Brown (Economics '19)

Purple and Old Gold for Finance
Lucas Muller (Economics and Finance '20)

Purple and Old Gold for Management
Brielle Beck

Purple and Old Gold for Management Information Systems
Mitchell Stadtmueller

Purple and Old Gold for Marketing
Regan Hodina

Purple and Old Gold for Real Estate
Lindsey Dinkla

Purple and Old Gold for Supply Chain Management
Trisha Coberly


UNI JPEC Entrepreneur of the Year

UNI JPEC Student Entrepreneur of the Year
Jessica Wise

Student Leadership Awards

Servant Leader Award
Ami Traore

Rising Leader Award
Macey Spillman

Leadership Impact Award
Adam Schmidt

Student Organization of the Year

UNI American Marketing Association


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