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UNI JPEC launches Early Founders program

July 18, 2019 - 8:00am
UNIBusiness Editor
JPEC Founders Program

The JPEC team is excited to launch the Early Founder's Program this summer! The eight-week program kicked-off on Monday, June 3rd and will wrap up on Friday, August 2nd. We have six driven students who will be developing and growing their businesses throughout the summer. Jessica Wise founder of White & Yellow T-shirt, Denzel and Bethany Washington co-founders of DLW Muse, Spencer Walthall founder of Wallside Tea, Ross Vande Voort founder of Voortechs, and Akanksha Sahni founder of Flourish Pack have all stepped up to the challenge and will be working hard throughout the summer to make progress with their businesses.

The JPEC is teaming up with Fluent to provide the early founders with an intensive and flexible program that is customized to provide help at their specific stage in the venture-building process. The Fluent team are founders themselves who bring their expertise into creating effective programming that focuses on developing first-time founders into serial entrepreneurs. Their innovative programming produces data-driven results that go beyond vanity metrics through the use of the Fluency Score diagnostic tool which provides actionable data to the founders to allow them to focus on their riskiest assumptions of their business model. The program involves daily scrum sessions, topic-specific workshops, sprint planning, retro reviews, book club, CEO roundtables, and weekly one-on-one coaching with the Fluent and JPEC team. Participants also receive designated office space within the R.J. McElroy Student Business Incubator. Founders also attend various community networking events. The program will end on Friday, August 2 with a final pitch completion and luncheon.

Along with the valuable knowledge and experience that this program provides, the founders also have the ability to earn up to $5,000 each due to the generosity of our financial supporters: John Pappajohn, the R.J. McElroy Foundation, Veridian Credit Union and Ben & Kayla Frein. We are excited to be working with such a motivated group of young entrepreneurs and sharing their progress with you.

“The Early Founders Program will be a great stepping stone to not only get my business started but continue to learn about how my idea could blossom into something greater.” - Ross Vande Voort

“The JPEC Founders Program will provide me with the necessary opportunities required to do appropriate market research and analysis” - Akanksha Sahni


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