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UNIBusiness alumnus uses 'Iowa nice,' education at the Happiest Place on Earth

August 13, 2019 - 10:33am
UNIBusiness Editor
Scott Breon, Leslie Wilson, And Shar Self

A Midwest sentiment and a UNIBusiness education went a long way for Scott Breon (Finance and Economics ‘12). Breon, who now works at Disney in Orlando, Florida, as a finance manager, greatly credits those two aspects of his life for helping him land a dream job.

“Just being from the Midwest, I grew up being a nice person,” said Breon, who is originally from Wapello, a small town in southwest Iowa. “We have really strong values in the state of Iowa and in the Midwest. And part of that was [UNIBusiness], too.”

Those values certainly came in handy when Breon interviewed with Disney in 2013.

After working two finance jobs in Des Moines after graduation, Breon was headhunted by a Disney recruiter. Throughout his four years at UNIBusiness, Breon had applied to big companies around the nation — Amazon, Microsoft and more. One of his applications caught the eye of a Disney recruiter, and Breon received a call.

The conversation led to an all-day recruiting trip at Disney’s headquarters in Florida. Breon underwent a grueling day of presentations, interviews and networking events. One of the tests forced Breon to put together a 30-minute presentation for a panel of Disney employees in just 20 minutes.

But Breon was prepared, thanks to a class he took at UNIBusiness.

“Dr. Mir Zaman’s financial management class helped me in particular,” Breon said. “He would give us a two-hour test and give us an hour to do it. He graded us on a curve. You had to choose the right questions and had limited time to answer those. It taught me a lot on time management and knowing how to prioritize things.”

Breon was offered the job in 2013, beating out graduates from all over the country. In his six years at Disney, Breon, who jokes he’s one of two Iowans in the entire finance department at the company, has worked in various roles. Today, he’s the finance manager for Walt Disney World’s Financial Planning and Forecasting division.

Breon was recently brought back to UNIBusiness as an alumni-in-residence during the 2018 fall semester. It allowed him to see how things have come full circle.

“It was something I wanted to be when I saw alumni-in-residences come back while I was in college,” Breon said. “That’s how you know you’ve made it.” 


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