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UNIBusiness extends 2+2 agreement with Shanghai DianJi University

June 10, 2016 - 12:00am
UNIBusiness Editor
Director of Global Programs Farzard Moussavi poses with the Chinese Delegation with the Campanile in the background

In an increasingly internationally driven market, it's logical to conclude that the more exposure students get during their undergraduate career, the better prepared they will be for life after school. Going abroad stands out on a resume, but what about from the opposite position? Have you ever stopped to consider how having international students on campus positively impacts their U.S. classmates?

Back in 2006 when the University of Northern Iowa and Shanghai DianJi University (SDJU) set out on a partnership agreement, referred to as the 2+2 program, neither knew for certain what to expect; the intent was to benefit students from both universities through an increased international presence at UNI. The 2+2 program, one of the first programs of its kind, works by allowing SDJU students to complete the first two years of their post-secondary education in Shanghai, and then finish their final two years at UNI. Upon completion of their UNIBusiness courses, the DianJi students return to Shanghai to finish their last requirement then receive a degree from both institutions. In addition to the undergraduate program, the agreement includes faculty exchanges and a seamless transition for SDJU's business graduates into UNI's MBA program.

Former UNIBusiness Dean, current Bradford Chair in International Business, and Director of Global Programs, Farzad Moussavi, was an instrumental forces in establishing the 2+2 partnership with Shanghai DianJi University (SDJU). He recently spent a day with SDJU leaders on campus celebrating ten years of a successful partnership and discussing the extension of the program. The SDJU delegation included Mr. Cao (SDJU Chairman), Kevin Wang (Director, SDJU International Programs), and Susan Sun (Dean, SDJU Business School). "The opportunities the SDJU partnership provides for international and domestic students is invaluable. We're excited to continue the relationship with SDJU as it is a crucial component of the international business education experience for all students at UNI," remarked Katie Hillyer, Professional Readiness & Community Relations Manager. Hillyer often represents UNIBusiness on visits to Shanghai DianJi University and was able to spend time with the trio who recently visited campus.

Junior marketing major Trevor Hilkin is one of the students on campus who has taken advantage of having peers from different cultures in some of his courses. He went on to say, "I had an economics class with a student who is in the 2+2 program. It was cool to compare the differences in our cultures, especially in the business world." By choosing to interact with students dissimilar to himself, Hilkin not only enhances his own leadership, communication, and quantitative skills but opens himself up to new friendships that might not have been possible at another university.


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