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UNIBusiness helps Liz Remy grow professionally and personally

November 1, 2018 - 8:29am
UNIBusiness Editor
Liz Remy in Rome

The University of Northern Iowa was always on Liz Remy’s radar.

Her mother attended the school and became a teacher in eastern Iowa. So while Remy was looking for colleges to attend after she graduated from North Scott High School, UNI was near the top of the list. When she visited the campus, Remy loved the size of the school — not too big, while offering resources similar to those at bigger schools.

“It felt like home,” Remy said. “I really liked the community, and considering they had a prestigious business school, that really intrigued me.”

Remy found her interest in accounting during high school, when she took a few classes. She eventually chose UNI because of the prestigious accounting program, which has one of the highest Certified Public Accountant Exam pass rates in the nation.

After gaining her bearings as a freshman in 2015-16, Remy joined the accounting club in her sophomore year. She also joined the UNI Women in Business club the same year, eventually becoming the vice president of fundraising in her junior year.

She also helped found the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority in 2016 and served on the budget committee. Now, in her senior year, Remy is completing a fall internship at Transamerica in Cedar Rapids. She deals with audits and time management within the accounting department. At school, she especially enjoys working with the Professional Readiness Program, where she refined her networking and interviewing skills.

“The PRP helped me feel more comfortable,” Remy said. “It built my confidence. When I came to college — I was always a determined person, but I feel like everything that I’ve had to do through college has helped me get to where I am now. I thank UNI for that.”

One of Remy’s most memorable college experiences is her study abroad trip to Italy in May 2018. She and the rest of the group spent time in Rome for four days before going to Sorrento, Italy, on the southwestern side of the country to attend classes and go on daylong excursions.

She said the trip helped push her out of her comfort zone, which will benefit her in life and in her eventual career.

“It was another way to push me,” she said. “There were times that I was trying to talk to someone who knew little to no English, and I had to find a way to communicate and get things done. I got to see a lot of little cool things, but I feel like I gained a lot of new friendships and possible connections for the future.”

While Remy plans to enter the accounting field after graduation, she wants to eventually enter management. She hopes her internship and education experiences can lead her to an employer who will help her grow professionally.

“I plan on finding a good company that allows me to prepare and learn everything that it takes to become a manager,” Remy said. “That’s my end goal.”


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