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UNIBusiness students top the state in Microsoft Excel exams

April 26, 2019 - 8:46am
UNIBusiness Editor
UNIBusiness students Hanna Hoth and Jackson Traeger

UNIBusiness student Hannah Hoth (Marketing and Business Administration ’20) earned the highest score in Iowa for the Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2016 exam in the fall, earning her a trip to the MOS U.S. National Competition held on June 15-17 in Orlando, Florida.  Jackson Traeger (Accounting ’18), also a UNIBusiness student, finished with the second-highest score the state.

The exam tested students on their knowledge of Microsoft Excel 2016, including managing worksheets and workbooks, performing operations and formulas, and creating charts.

For receiving top marks, Hoth will compete in the national competition, which includes three-day trip to Orlando, Florida. She will also have the chance to win the $3,000 first-place prize and an opportunity to compete at the MOS World Championship. Hoth’s competition expenses will be covered by UNIBusiness Dean Leslie Wilson.

“I’m very excited,” Hoth said. “I’m interested to see the growth opportunities the competition brings for me. Not only from a skills standpoint, but also a networking standpoint with other students who have the same skill level. I can learn from them and advance my own knowledge. And it’s also nice to have three days in Orlando.”

Hoth and Traeger both took the exam after a certification process in UNIBusiness’ Professional Readiness Program, which aims to teach students soft skills essential in the world of business. Traeger took the optional course through the Professional Readiness Program because he knew Microsoft Excel was going to play a large role in his career as a certified public accountant.

The certification process took students through a number of lessons and practice tests. While the practice tests were tough, Traeger said, they prepared him for the actual certification exam.

“I put a lot of effort into it, so to do so well, it was definitely worth it,” said Traeger, who graduated in December 2018 and now works at Cedar Valley-based Roth Tax & Accounting. “The program was beneficial to me because I could put Microsoft Excel certification on my résumé and implement it into my job.”

Hoth feels the same way. The Microsoft Excel course was not her first lesson through the Professional Readiness Program. She has been involved in some way for the last few years and has found it instrumental in her learning.

“I believe the Professional Readiness Program has help me develop in my professional career,” said Hoth, who has worked part time with John Deere since 2017. “It pushed me to receive skills that we use in the workplace. I think the program is great, especially when students are able to apply it in real-world environments.”

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Jackson Traeger

Jackson Traeger (Accounting '18)

Hanna Hoth

Hanna Hoth (Marketing and Business Administration ’20)


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