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Upcoming event: What if business stopped pandering to China?

1 week ago
UNIBusiness Editor
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The David W. Wilson Chair in Business Ethics at the University of Northern Iowa presents an ongoing series of public forums to explore different hypothetical scenarios by asking the question “What If…?”  Presenters review relevant research and invite the audience to examine potential intended and unintended consequences.  Aimed at a broad audience of community members, graduate and undergraduate students, faculty and staff, the purpose of the series is to stimulate critical thinking and greater public understanding of crucial issues facing society.  The forums address a wide variety of topics that are likely to affect us in the near future.

“What If…Business stopped pandering to China?” presented by UNI Associate Professor John R. (Andy) Anderson

China has become increasingly assertive in forcing companies wishing to do business in China to conform to Chinese governmental demands. These demands include things like self censorship and forced technology transfer to Chinese companies. One tweet from an NBA team's general manager which was out of step with the Chinese government's view led to a torrent of negative effects for the NBA as a whole. Ironically, Twitter is blocked in China. What if U.S. companies stopped pandering to China?

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Monday, December 9, 2019
7:00 PM
Curris Business Building #109 John Deere Auditorium

UNI business professor Andy Anderson


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Submitted by Christian Jegen on
This was an interesting read for me. It is kinda scary how much influence china has on our country and others. It is also crazy to think about what would happen and how things could escalate 10 years from now.