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What Happens When Students are Treated Like Student Athletes?

November 9, 2016 - 12:00am
UNIBusiness Editor

UNIBusiness recently launched a new recruitment campaign designed to challenge traditional higher education recruitment advertising. This unique campaign explores a world where UNIBusiness students are given the same kind of national attention for their efforts in the classroom as student athletes receive for their athletic successes. As an added twist, the featured business students are also well-known student athletes such as UNI basketball stars Matt Bohannon and Sharnae Lamar.

The UNI Business Center (UBC) campaign features a 24-7 academic television network highlighting the successes of business students as they give presentations, write papers, take exams and conduct research. On UBC, sportscasters go wild over student successes and turn them into academic celebrities through their play-by-play commentary and pre/post-class analysis.

"We get very passionate about student achievement," said Matthew Wilson, UNIBusiness Instructor of Marketing. "We wanted to imagine a way to show this in an unexpected way that would connect with Iowa high school students immersed in a world driven by viral videos and shareable social content. The humor of this campaign and the power of its underlying message will help UNI stand out and become more relatable," he added.

The UBC campaign rides on the coattails of a previously successful "Get Ready for Business" campaign launched by UNIBusiness in 2013. This follow-up campaign reinforces the core 'get ready' message by highlighting real UNI students succeeding in the classroom and receiving national attention as a result.

The debut spot features Matt Bohannon, former UNI Men's Basketball Guard and Gary Rima, local sportscaster and voice of the UNI Panthers. The 30 second spot will be shown in markets in and around Des Moines, Dubuque and the Quad Cities. An extended cut has been released on and social media channels. Both versions can be viewed on the UNIBusiness YouTube channel: and


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