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What if Iowa transitioned to clean energy by 2050?

4 years ago
UNIBusiness Editor
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UNIBusiness will host an ethics forum titled "What if Iowa Transitioned to Clean Energy by 2050?" from 7 to 8:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 6, at the Cedar Falls Public Library.

Jack Yates, professor of psychology, and Carole Yates, communications and grants coordinator for the Center for Energy and Environmental Education, will be the featured speakers at the forum. The forum will be a place to examine different hypothetical scenarios, explore consequences and present relevant research to better prepare us for the future ahead.

The event is organized by Craig VanSandt, an associate professor of management at the University of Northern Iowa UNIBusiness. VanSandt also serves as the David W. Wilson Chair in Business Ethics at UNI, a position he has held since August 2013. The holder of the chair is considered the foremost expert in the college on business ethics, teaches the topic in the classroom and serves as a resource and authority on the topic for business, government and nonprofit communities in Iowa and beyond.

Wednesday, April 6
7:00-8:30 PM
Cedar Falls Public Library
524 Main St
Cedar Falls, IA 50613

The event is free and open to the public. To register, visit For more information, contact VanSandt at 319-273-6194 or


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Submitted by Abbey Hoskins on
How can we make a goal for this far ahead in the future? I like how it is the end result and it can help us plan transitions and steps for the action process to achieve this goal but I think the most long term we should go is 5-10 years. This world is changing every single day whether it is with our air, water, weather, health, etc. How can we predict what adversity and problems we will face if we are planning this far ahead? I think it is important to always have the idea for a sustainable environment and to work on always improving our ways to reduce waste in our state and world whether it is using solar powered energy, paperless systems, etc. I don't think we should every stop trying to help our environment and improve the quality of air, water, etc. for the world population. I just don't know if I see the point of making a goal this far in advance. Yes, we can work towards it, but we cannot predict what problems we will eventually face.

Submitted by Dylan Wiedner on
I think that this would be a very interesting speaker to sit and listen to. I like the idea of clean energy and preserving the earth to the best of our ability, but in today's world, so many things are changing and new technology is being created every single day. Setting a goal for this far into the future is a great idea to have, but who knows the advancements that we will have by then and what they will be doing to positively work toward this goal. Personally, I think this goal may be a far stretch and should be focused on more recent years to come. In my opinion, I feel as if this is a speaker that is being directed more towards the younger generations that will get on board right away because it sounds good, but will soon be forgot about when that group of people is entering the working world and put more of their focus on their career and the organizations that they get into.