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Would you give up your spring break?

April 5, 2016 - 12:00am
UNIBusiness Editor
UNI's American Marketing Association (AMA) team holds their award at the AMA International Collegiate Conference

With spring break just a couple weeks removed, many faces around campus are still looking sun-kissed from the relaxation and warmer temperatures many college students elect to take advantage of during their time off. For nine students who are a part of the American Marketing Association (AMA), saying yes to a warmer climate also included the choice to keep learning during their time away from school.

These nine dedicated UNIBusiness students made the trip down to New Orleans where they were able to participate in the annual AMA International Collegiate Conference. The conference is a mix of learning and competition, with the organization bringing industry professionals to talk about their careers and cutting edge marketing and sales practices. Conference participants also have the opportunity to show off their skills with a range of competitions hosted by various companies like Hershey and Aerotek. Students who chose to participate found the competitions to be very worthwhile.

One recognition UNI’s AMA chapter  received was for its planning and fundraising efforts. AMA member and current VP of Professional Development Jamal White (Marketing) explained that “It took a lot of planning to generate what we had done throughout the year in order to be recognized for our chapter’s success in planning and its fundraising.” Their efforts paid off  as they were one of only a few chapters recognized out of over 150 other colleges and universities. White goes on to say “The fundraising not only raised money for the group, but [also] represented our efforts in achieving our goals as a membership.”

For White, AMA has been a big influence in shaping his future career, even this early in the game. As a sophomore, he has been a member for three semesters now, joining the club as soon as he declared his marketing major. “[At that point],  I hadn't even been exposed to a marketing class, so what could I have possibly known about marketing? This organization allowed me to grow my skills and knowledge of marketing by hearing from so many professionals during meetings and workshops as well as providing opportunities to participate in competitions and step out of my comfort zone.”

The skills, leadership, and connections AMA has provided White are life lessons he won’t soon forget, and as president-elect for the 2016-2017 school year, he plans to pass those same things down to underclassmen who were once in his shoes.


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