Cost Neutral Semester Abroad

Cost Neutral Semester Abroad



Graduate on time, on budget and with an international edge!

UNI Business has identified opportunities where we guarantee:

  • the cost for a semester abroad will not exceed the projected cost of studying for a semester at UNI. And if the cost is less than UNI, we’ll give you up to $1,200 for your airfare.
  • the time abroad will not require an extra semester at UNI.

With the financial support from the College, we make sure you won't have to spend more for your semester abroad than a typical semester here at UNI.

Each of these programs:

  • is located in a country where English is the second language and commonly spoken.
  • offers business courses taught in English.
  • provides pre-approved curriculum transfers so you can graduate on time.
  • is linked to funding support so the cost of your participation, including tuition, cost of living, books, airfare and other expected expenses doesn't exceed the cost of study at UNI.

If you don’t choose a cost neutral partner, we still want to support your international experience. Other university sponsored programs will be sponsored at a flat $750. Programs taught in a second language will be made cost-neutral.


Shanghai Dianji University (SDJU)

Add China to your resume. Shanghai, the largest city in the world and the financial and cultural center of Asia gives you a unique, first hand view of how rapidly global economy is changing.  SDJU, located in a quiet suburb, offers a variety of courses in English. Semester-long courses available during the Spring Semester.




The American College of Greece (ACG)

ACG is in Athens, the historic city where Western civilization was born. Today, Athens is a sprawling metropolis blending ancient with modern. Whether you are drawn to exploring the Acropolis or enjoying a leisurely frappe in chic Kolonaki, Athens offers something for everyone. And it is inexpensive to live in and explore. ACG ‘s full list of semester-long courses is based on the U.S. business curriculum and readily transferrable to UNI.




Florence University of the Arts

Add a distinct edge to your business education. Get certified in sports management or retail fashion management in Florence, renowned for sports, food, fashion – and fun. Approved to count toward your major or electives, depending on your UNI major. Specifically, Business Administration majors can satisfy their entire list of 12 elective hours by completing a semester-long certificate program at FUA.




Rennes Business School

Rennes is a beautiful and vibrant “college town” of about 300,000 people in the coastal Brittany region of France. It is also a two-hour train ride from Paris -- perfect for weekend getaways, without the everyday hassle of big-city life.  The triple-accredited Rennes School of Business offers a full range of semester-long business courses to transfer back to UNI. The UNI-Rennes partnerships also gives UNI students the opportunity to complete a one-year masters degree in international business after completing your BA - for the price of UNI undergraduate tuition.




Nelson Mandela University

The Nelson Mandela University is located in the beautiful South African coastal city of Port Elizabeth.

It offers a limited range of semester-long business courses.




Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Ranked the best university in Spain in 2016, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona offers an exciting international setting in the heart of Barcelona. It offers a full range of semester-long, business and liberal arts courses.