An accounting degree will teach you how to prepare and interpret financial information that will benefit the economic activity of any organization.

All business decisions impact and are impacted by "the numbers." Accountants work with individuals, small businesses, large corporations and everything in between–including government agencies and non-profits–to keep their finances in check.

UNIBusiness’ accredited accounting degree program is known as one of the finest in the world for a reason. We are dedicated to turning you into a strong financial decision maker.


CPA Track

While junior-level accountants might handle the more general accounting tasks, senior-level Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are typically more involved in guiding big picture financial decision making for their entire company.

The benefits that come with being a CPA include increased trust, opportunity and financial reward–some of which are not standard with a general accounting degree.


UNI CPA Pass Rate

The CPA exam consists of four parts. A student must pass ALL FOUR PARTS to become a CPA. Before the digital age, students were required to take all parts of the exam over two days which provided clear pass/fail statistics. Today, the test is given online with flexibility on when each part is taken. Each part is scored separately, but students still must pass all four parts to be licensed.

Due to the flexibility of when each part is taken, many students who start the CPA exam never finish it; delaying their CPA licensing progress. CPA review courses taken the final semester at UNI lead to the majority of our students finishing and passing the CPA exam before their first day of employment.


Non-CPA Track

Non-CPA track accounting majors can work in a number of different positions in a variety of companies without CPA certification. As an accountant, you can easily work for big and small businesses, school districts and various non-profit and government organizations. There are many executives, vice presidents and CFOs in Fortune 500 companies who are not CPAs.


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