Be a financial superhero with a degree in finance!

To be successful in business, proficiency in financial management is key. Many organizations, non-profit groups and individuals need people who can help make decisions on how funds and resources will be used in the future. With a finance degree from UNI Business, you'll be highly capable of managing assets for a variety of companies and individuals who will need a financial expert like you to thrive and grow.


What's the difference between finance and accounting?

Although related, finance and accounting are very different. Finance professionals look at income statements and cash flow reports prepared by accountants to make future financial decisions.

They analyze expenditures to decide when a company or individual should borrow money, issue or buy stocks and bonds, etc. A simple way to look at it, accounting reports on spending of the past where finance decides how funds will be spent in the future.


UNI Business is the only CFP® Board registered business college in the state of Iowa.

CFP professionals are uniquely qualified to help individual investors plan for their future.

The Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP) certification is the standard of excellence for competent and ethical financial planning.

A degree in finance from UNI meets the educational requirement needed to take the CFP certification exam–allowing you to take the exam immediately after graduation. This saves you and your potential employer time and money!

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UNI's finance program is recognized as a University Affiliation Program with the CFA® Institute

The Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) certification is the gold standard for financial analysts and institutional investors. The real-world analytical skills, technical competence and high professional standards needed to earn a CFA is why over 31,000 investment firms worldwide put their trust in these professionals to grow their businesses.

UNI gives you a jump on your CFA credential by offering a CFA program that will prepare you for the Level 1 CFA exam.

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Careers & Salary

With a finance degree from UNI Business, you'll be highly capable in organizing and managing assets for a variety of companies and individuals. The career paths in finance are as varied as the industries and organizations who hire Finance degree graduates.

Some careers include:

  • Financial Advisor

  • Loan Analyst

  • Portfolio Analyst

  • Financial Planner

  • Loan Officer

  • Personal Banker

  • Financial Management

  • Mortgage Analyst

  • Stock Broker

  • Securities Analyst

Jobs in financial planning are expected to grow 30% by 2024.

More people are seeking professional advice as they plan their financial futures. With a growing demand for qualified personal financial planners, now is the time to become a Certified Financial Planner™ professional.

At a time when unemployment is soaring and many Americans are reaching retirement age, the need for personal financial planning expertise is greater than ever. Recruiters and prospective employers recognize CFP® certification as the most desired designation in this growing field.


Financial advisor ranked #3 in best business jobs.

A personal financial advisor is someone who establishes a one-one-one relationship with their clients and provides ongoing comprehensive and holistic advice to guide them in all aspects of their finances and help them achieve their financial goals including educating their children, investing for future goals and saving for a secure retirement. The national average for an entry-level career in finance ranges from $50,000 to $60,000 per year while mid-career salaries can range from $80,000 to $100,000 per year.*



Involvement in UNI Business' Finance degree program will provide you with the tools to excel in finance immediately following graduation. Depending on your career and education goals, our program consists of three emphases that will help pinpoint the direction of your finance degree.


  • Financial Management emphasis

    ​​​​​​​​​​​Acquire the financial decision-making expertise used in any corporation, financial institution or small business.

View Financial Management Courses


  • Investments emphasis

    ​​​Gain knowledge in analyzing financial markets and managing financial assets such as stocks and bonds.

View Investments Courses


  • Personal Wealth Planning emphasis

    ​Attain proficiency in financial planning for the future and how to build client focused relationships.

View Personal Wealth Planning Courses


  • Finance Minor

View Finance Minor Courses


Finance Courses and Electives

Classes like Principles of Investments and Advanced Financial Management will quickly get you up to speed on how to analyze, manage and invest money for financial firms, groups of individuals or individual investors. All finance classes are taught by faculty who have years of experience preparing students like you for life in the financial world.

  • Corporation Finance

  • Principles of Investments

  • Intermediate Financial Management

  • Advanced Financial Management

  • Security Analysis

  • Options and Futures

  • Real Estate Finance

  • Commercial Bank Management

  • International Financial Management

  • Fixed Income Analysis

  • Insurance Company Operations

  • Introduction to Personal Financial

  • Planning

  • Applications of Financial Planning

  • Personal Wealth Management

Beyond the Classroom

It's no secret that employers expect you to have some real-world experience before you graduate. Luckily, UNI Business offers 20 student organizations and numerous internship opportunities that start your Freshman year. 

UNI Finance Club

The Finance Club is the perfect way to learn more about the career opportunities available with a finance degree. One exciting project unique to the Finance Club is the management of a live equity investment portfolio. Thanks to the generous donations, UNI Finance Club members are able to monitor the markets, execute trades and manage a portfolio with no risk to them financially.

Other activities include national competitions, corporate on-site visits and a variety of guest speakers.


Learn More

At a time when unemployment is soaring and many Americans are reaching retirement age, the need for personal financial planning expertise is greater than ever.

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