A real-world MIS education means huge career potential.

Our MIS curriculum expands beyond the classroom to assist real organizations with real technological issues.

As a MIS student, you will have the opportunity to assist various local and regional organizations in creating an updated website based on their needs. This gives you the opportunity to execute what you’ve learned in the classroom in a real-life, face-to-face situation.

Former clients include:

Information Systems Development emphasis

The information systems development program* at UNIBusiness will give you the foundation needed to lead the development of computing-based business solutions. You'll not only learn how to use modern information technology (IT) methodologies to plan the development of these systems, you'll develop the interpersonal communication skills needed to form a bridge between business and technical specialists.

*Pending board of regents approval.


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Business Analytics emphasis

Information is everywhere and organizations are now realizing the importance data-driven decision making can impact the bottom line. The business analytics program* at UNIBusiness will give you knowledge of programming and various analysis methodologies that can be used for business development. You'll work with large set of real world data to identify trends and create visualizations that support data-driven decision making in the modern business world.

*Pending board of regents approval.


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