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Good business sense and an understanding of the markets are necessary to succeed in real estate. Just as is important is learning how to establish positive relationships so you are trusted to make intelligent decisions for your clients. This combination is what makes the real estate major in the department of finance at UNI so unique. We will teach you the business side of real estate and give you the skills to succeed.


Careers in commercial real estate

A career in commercial real estate involves the valuation and analysis, management, acquisition and disposition or loan servicing of office buildings, shopping malls, apartment complexes or any property that is used to generate a profit.

  • Commercial Asset Manager

  • Commercial Lender

  • Commercial Loan Servicer

  • Commercial Appraiser

  • Commercial Sales Broker

  • Agricultural Land Broker

  • Commercial Mortgage Banker

  • Property Manager

  • Commercial Developer

  • Real Estate Attorney

  • Commercial Leasing Broker

Careers in residential real estate

Residential real estate involves personal use of property and includes the buying, selling and loan servicing of single family homes, condominiums and acreages.

  • Abstractor

  • Appraiser

  • Association Manager

  • Closing and Escrow Agent

  • Mortgage Lender

  • Mortgage Servicer

  • Property Manager

  • Residential Broker

The income potential varies by discipline but most entry-level jobs in the Midwest start in the $40,000 to $65,000 range.  Salary/bonuses can increase substantially as experience and network base grows.  Six figure income/sales are definitely attainable.  Brokerage and development careers will likely offer the most long-term income potential but come with more volatility earlier in your career.*


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